Any export certifications on oak wine cabinet ?
Hejin wallpaper, wood flooring which is good? Floor buy brand,Like the holy elephant,You can search for well-known domestic brands online.Wallpaper mainly looks at the color,Price,It's good to look like yourself,The price should be measured.Reason: the floor should be used for a long time,It may be used for decades.And wallpaper does not need to pursue lasting,Foreign habits are often changed.Buy Wallpaper in Hejin,Or the preferred Xinwang wallpaper monopoly,Where the wallpaper is good and cheap,With a price on Taobao,Especially after-sales construction.It's good to have a European street.Wallpaper quality,The price is quite good.The paper I put on the background wall is the feeling I bought.

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The bathroom is good with a small wardrobe or a stainless steel shelf. I think the shelf is good,Well,You have to pay attention to the cabinet waterproof,In the future, we have to clean and prevent ash accumulation,It's not as good as the whole plastic bag clothes on the shelf. if the space is really small, it's better to be stainless steel.Now there are stainless steel frames that can be folded.
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