Any promotion team established by Sendiao in foreign countries?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture hopes to truly help every customers by improving quality and service. Inquiry! The Professional Manufacturer of Quality Bespoke Furniture Sendiao's wall panelling has been substantially improved in a scientific way, as shown in the following aspects. With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, Sendiaois able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

Which is better for carpentry to play cabinets and buy overall cabinets directly? My friends who are decorating around me have chosen both,And I personally think that the cabinet is better than the whole Cabinet,If it's a wardrobe, both are OK.Some people like to use carpentry to make cabinets,Because I think it's cheaper,The materials should be better,Then let's see if this is the case,Woodworking cabinets are mainly made of cabinets,After the table top, the cabinet door needs to be matched by yourself,Some also involve paint,At the same time in addition to materials outside and Labor,Therefore, if the price is calculated, the woodworking cabinet is not necessarily cheaper than the overall cabinet,When you use a woodworking cabinet, you use a paint-free board or a wood board,The material is better than the overall cabinet,The solid wood particle board generally used in the overall cabinet,Although it is a granular plate,However, its environmental protection indicators are also up to standard,At the same t

How should the speaker board (solid wood) be handled to achieve the best results? 1. the volume of the Speaker must be made according to the size of the speaker,Volume plate selection,Choose dense, uniform material,It's hard.2, add alkali, formaldehyde and other cooking.3, fully dry,Dry,Can't bask.4 brush tung oil wood variety of quality is very different.5 brush paint too little,There is no good bass effect.The plate used to make speakers should have good fiber density,It has a strong ability to suppress vibration.At the same time, the plate should be moisture-proof and not easy to deform.At present, the widely used plates are mainly medium fiber board and particle board;Followed by the original board,Such as willow, River Wood, pear wood, Birch, walnut, maple and sour branches.High-grade speakers,Available in sandalwood.Choose Miscellaneous wood with hard texture and meticulous texture,It is also an excellent wood for making speakers.1 high-grade wood general fiber density, high hardness, small sh

The significance of sewage treatment? 50 Sewage treatment is of great significance to human survival: 1.Organic matter in sewage,Microbial decomposition consumes a lot of oxygen,Causing life in the water to die,Sewage treatment protects organisms in water so as to protect ecological balance;2.Heavy metals in sewage,Into the human table through the food chain,Endangering human health,Sewage treatment clean human food,It is conducive to the long-term development of mankind.3.The odor generated by sewage pollutes the atmosphere,Endangering the environment,Sewage treatment is conducive to protecting the environment.Water is the necessary material for human survival,Water pollution affects the long-term development of human beings,Therefore, sewage treatment is of great significance to human development and survival,In the final analysis, it is to maintain the balance between ecological balance and material circulation in nature,To maintain an environment suitable for human survival.Sewage treatment (sewage treat
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