Any suppliers selling custom interior doors at ex-works price?
What material is good for cabinet? The wear plate is to put kraft paper,Soaked into three chlorine hydrogen ammonia solution,Pasted on the wood,The surface will have different colors to choose from.The wear resistance and corrosion resistance of this material are better,More economical.Polymer polymer is similar to blister material,It has no edge.This material is a material that replaces baking paint abroad,Wear resistance is better,The only drawback is that the color is relatively small.Paint is more suitable for modern style.Paint color,You can choose the color according to the overall decoration style of the home,It's easier to match,The display is relatively strong.But the disadvantage is that the surface is easy to scratch.The resin board has a layer of protective film more than the paint,Paint on the back of the resin board.Even if the surface scraps,Nor will it be painted,Scraping will not change color, not obvious.The color that paint can do,Resin boards can also be made.In general,It can be re

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Good wallpaper or good wood floor Good landlord,It's not a category,How to compare, if you want to compare,See which one you like?I like wooden floors,Good quality durable wallpaper is not very good,Expensive good,
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