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How to design the ppt template of the decoration company and how to do the ppt template of the decoration company? Tell you a simple step,First, add your company's LOGO and name to the first page of PPT,Then save this page PPT as picture format,This will generate an ordinary picture,Including the LOGO and text you added,Then you import the saved picture into PPT,Set it to background,And all applications,So you can!What kind of ppt are you doing in the decoration company?Summary?Propaganda?Or else?

Thanks to the good service of our staff, Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has been recognized by more customers. Ask! The Professional Manufacturer of Quality bespoke home furnishings Sendiao's wall panelling has been substantially improved in a scientific way, as shown in the following aspects. With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, Sendiaois able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

Which is better with solid wood door and solid wood composite door? What's the difference? Windows are very common in our lives.The industry is developing rapidly,Materials.The solid wood composite wooden door is also one of them.Compared with the traditional wooden doors,It can be said that it is a high-end new indoor door product,And it is made of new composite wood.Of course,Solid wood composite wooden door brand is also very difficult,Which brand is better to choose?Many friends are not very familiar with this,Then the next small series will make a brief introduction one by one.As can be seen from the materials of solid wood composite doors,Solid wood composite doors are generally relatively light,,And the back is not solid wood,The finished door is not easy to deform and crack.Not only that,The insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant of solid wood composite doors are relatively good,Even the sound insulation effect is almost the same as the solid wood door.I. Hua He wooden
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