Can Sendiao provide solid hardwood furniture manufacturers installation video?
How about Nanhui solid wood cabinet customization? Solid wood cabinets are also divided into many kinds,At present, imported wood is more popular,There are pointed solid wood boards, Thai teak, South American cherry wood, oak, American cherry wood, African pear wood, etc,Price from low to high,According to the size of the kitchen, product grade,From tens of thousands to tens of thousands or even 200 thousands or 300 thousands.However, when customizing solid wood cabinets, we should pay attention to it,Most of the solid wood cabinets are composite boards,Only the door panel, the outer panel, etc. are solid wood,It won't be all solid wood,That is not practical and also raise prices.Some manufacturers use solid wood for door panel outer frame,Middle core board with medium fiber board,This should also be noted.Regular manufacturers generally use the same kind of wood for core board and outer frame,This overall is stronger and more durable.

Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. has been holding the attitude that putting customers first during the business is important. Please contact us! Sendiao, the Domestic Extraordinary Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Furniture Industry Sendiaoguarantees solid hardwood furniture manufacturers to be high-quality by carrying out highly standardized production. Compared with other products in the same category, it has the following advantages. Sendiaohas been engaged in the production of solid hardwood furniture manufacturers for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers.

Is the solid wood door good or the solid wood composite door good, how different is the price? The solid wooden door is made of natural logs,After drying,Then go through cutting, planing, tenoning, punching, high-speed milling and other processes,Good solid wood doors are more expensive wood,Including cherry, walnut, teak, etc,Such doors are not easy to deform after processing,And corrosion-resistant,It also has the characteristics of heat insulation and heat preservation,And the sound insulation effect is better.Solid wooden doors have natural wood grain arts and color,For the decoration style that advocates returning to nature,Solid wood doors are indeed a good choice,It not only looks gorgeous,Beautifully carved,And the style is also diverse,It can be said that it is the best choice for high-end atmospheric grades.The price of solid wood doors is mostly affected by the material and texture of materials,The general market price ranges from 1500 to 3000 yuan,The average price of the top grapefruit do
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