Can solid wood cupboard be installed easily?
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TATA wooden door warm gray solid wood composite paint wooden door, okay? The filling of the door core is to see the conventional practice of the manufacturer,Some fill in,Some have gaps;First, fill according to the customer's requirements.The density plate is generally used on the surface,5, 8 board.Some are pasting,Some are skinned,According to the customer's requirements,The skin is more expensive,Complex process.The paint is not good to say,See what the manufacturer uses.Hardware generally has its own choice.OK,Elegant and beautiful style.

Wood door cover with solid wood or log good First look at the door cover core,The core is generally made of natural wood,The common ones are shanghamu,And pine.On both sides, they are pressed by the paste density board,This will prevent the door cover from being used for a period of time,Damp,Resulting in deformation of the door cover,Cause the door fan to sink,Affect the normal switch of the door fan.One is single-sided waterproof,The log layer is attached to the wall,In anti-corrosion,There is no double-sided waterproof,The price must be cheaper.Another process is all solid wood,One-sided paint sticker skin,The internal standard adopts a density board for waterproof treatment,There are not many differences in beauty. the paint looks more calm.Thick focus.Plywood to than heating using wood fuels almost,The multi-layer plate belongs to the manual production plate,To a certain extent, it is a kind of wood that is sticky and pressed after treatment,Environmental protection must be good without solid w
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