Can solid wood cupboard provide certificate of origin for best kitchen cabinets ?
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What kind of solid wood flooring and Composite flooring are more popular? Solid wood is wood,The compound is pressed by glue on wood slag,The pattern on the surface is a wear-resistant layer of aluminum trioxide.The price of solid wood is generally above 100 yuan,Solid wood shop needs to play dragon skeleton,So the thickness is greater than the need to play keel,Directly paved composite floor.Solid wood needs waxing and insect-proof,Composite No.Solid wood has been used for a long time and there will be many small pits,The composite hardness is large but it can also be peeled off.Solid wood with less glue,More environmentally friendly than composite.The public thinks that solid wood is better than composite.Solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is wood dried,Ground decoration materials formed after processing.It has natural patterns,Comfortable foot,Features of use safety,It is an ideal material for floor decoration such as bedroom, living room and study room.The decoration style of solid wood returns

The color of solid wood is basically the wood color, too monotonous, I like the bright color cabinet, will the solid wood cabinet suit me? \ 'Looking at solid wood cabinets in color,The traditional wood color is still popular,But the color has changed from deep to shallow.Light yellow wood color became more popular,In addition, all kinds of light green and meat pink appear in solid wood cabinets,Just like this summer's clothes,Solid wood cabinets show a bright color.Dede solid wood ecological board vulgar is to make logs into wooden blocks and then splice them into board cores,Add transition layer and decorative paper up and down,Both environmental protection and health have overcome the shortcomings of easy deformation and single color of solid wood \ 'this depends on your home's decoration style and personal preferences.With the development of wood processing technology,Today's solid wood cabinets have become colorful.The styles and details have changed more,For example, the addition of carved flowers and
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