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Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has made much achievements in manufacturing hardwood stairs. With a focus on customers, Sendiaoalways believes that sincerity-based management brings mutual benefit. Based on the core value, we intend to be efficient, pragmatic, excellent, innovative. Serving every customer wholeheartedly is our constant pursuit. We are committed to providing innovative products and services for customers. wine rack cabinet has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. The decorative cabinet series is one of the main products of Sendiao. wooden wardrobe is one of the classical wooden cupboard for clothes, which has the advantages of wooden cupboard for clothes. The stable solid wood frame offers a refined and versatile look. With excellent quality and good reputation, the production scale of Sendiao is expanding. The solid wood we choose is recognized for its density and hardness. If you have needs to purchase our products in bulk, please contact us for detailed information.

How to remove formaldehyde from the big wardrobe? ,Mainly used to store and store clothes,The wardrobe is very large,Wait for chemicals,Of,And moving is very difficult,So the formaldehyde in the wardrobe is not as fast as other furniture.The newly bought wardrobe usually emits a large amount of formaldehyde,It must be cleared in a timely manner,It will not affect the indoor air quality.The wardrobe more or less contains a certain amount of formaldehyde,Because the wardrobe needs to use glue and paint,However, the content of formaldehyde is high and low,The wardrobe content of solid wood is less,And although the wardrobe has formaldehyde,However, some wardrobes are within the scope of national standards.The newly bought wooden furniture is best not to be used immediately,Because this is the highest formaldehyde release,Put clothes in it,Then the fiber of the clothing may absorb some formaldehyde molecules,When people are dressed on their bodies,Formaldehyde on these clothes may cause s

PVC wood plastic board extrusion technology ??? Due to the increasing shortage of Global Forest Resources,The technology development and application of wood-plastic products at home and abroad have developed rapidly.Wood-plastic composite has the advantages of hard, strong and tough, long-lasting, wear-resistant and stable size.Generally speaking,The hardness of wood-plastic composite is 2 ~ higher than that of untreated wood ~ 8 times,Wear resistance is 4 ~ 5 times,The application of various additives also gives it many special properties.It is also an environmentally friendly material,Recyclable reuse,And the raw materials are cheap and rich,It has good benefits in reducing environmental pollution, protecting forest resources and promoting economic development,It has attracted the attention of many researchers.In addition,Wood-plastic composite materials also have secondary processing properties,All kinds of products made are beautiful in appearance.It is one of the
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