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Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has outperformed most of similar type enterprises, successfully being the leading wall panelling supplier. By complying with business philosophy, Sendiaoalways insists on profession, concentration and mutual benefit. With the main focus on customers, we seek development by carrying out innovation. We promise that our professional service would create a higher value for customers. Sendiao's wine rack cabinet has a wide range of applications. Various in styles, Sendiao's hardwood stairs can meet the needs of different customers. Its quality is strictly controlled and it has passed many international certifications. This product is the only piece of its kind as the grain of the wood is unique. The product is nearly maintenance-free. Because of its long service life, there is no need to change the light source frequently and thus it costs less in maintenance. The finish used preserves the wood’s natural brilliance for this product. For product information, please feel free to contact our team.

What material is used in the kitchen cabinet? Composite multi-layer solid wood, moisture-proof board, particle board, fine wood board, medium density fiber board, ecological board, etc.1. Composite multi-layer solid wood: Composite multi-layer solid wood is suitable for high environmental protection requirements,Families that need practicality and long service life,Economically allowed families can choose from.Composite multi-storey solid wood cabinets can be used in heavy humid environments.2, moisture-proof board: can be used in severe humid environment,Because the moisture-proof board is more crisp,Therefore, the requirements for production equipment are higher.The new home wall has been renovated and painted,The wall will have a small amount of water,After the whole Cabinet is installed,Can't ventilate,The backplane part of the cabinet requires a better moisture-proof plate.Moisture-proof boards have long wood fibers,Add moisture-proof agent,Soaking and expanding to a certain extent will no longer expand,

Is it feasible to decorate a house and build a large wardrobe with bricks? Not suitable,Bricks occupy more space than the wooden wardrobe,Easy to crack and dirty,General wooden wardrobe or finished wardrobe can be,But it's too heavy and takes up space,
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