How long is the warranty period of custom made furniture ?
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Do you need to pad things under the wooden wardrobe? Of course!Wood itself has a peculiar smell!It is best not to contact the clothes directly!Dry cardboard on the bottom!Can Prevent: change tide.Have peculiar smell.Moldy.Yellow .Put some water-absorbing things,Especially white clothes are not suitable for wooden cabinets,It is best to put it on the top.After a long time, it was damp,

What is the best material for decorating cabinets? Compared with other furniture,The kitchen where the cabinet is located has heavy oil pollution and more water vapor,In such a special environment,Therefore, the material selection of cabinet is also more exquisite.Can be used in heavy and humid environments,Because the moisture-proof board is more crisp,Therefore, the requirements for production equipment are higher.The new home wall has been renovated and painted,The wall will have a small amount of water,After the whole Cabinet is installed,Can't ventilate,The backplane part of the cabinet requires a better moisture-proof plate.Moisture-proof boards have long wood fibers,Add moisture-proof agent,Soaking and expanding to a certain extent will no longer expand,Therefore, most cabinets choose moisture-proof boards as cabinet materials.The particle board is also called solid wood particle board,It is used as the main raw material for Wood crushing,A thin plate made of glue and additives.Anti-bendi
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