How long it will take for ODM processing?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.has been focusing on the Manufacturing Furniture business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. The superior location and traffic convenience lay a good foundation for Sendiao's development. Since the establishment, Sendiaohas always been focusing on the R&D and production of Custom Wood Furniture. With great production capability, we can provide customers with personalized solutions according to their needs. We can make design and product in line with your specifications.

Recently, in the decoration of the House, the board of the cabinet made by the Woodworking is cheap and practical? Playing cabinets useful big core board Direct board wooden things best choose environmental protection price can not be too low.About 75--120 A board between cabinets, divided from use, panel and cabinet boardI wonder if you have a special finger.Panel: good variety,The appearance is good, the paint is moreThe price is relatively high,Skinned panel,The price is low,The appearance is relatively poor,There are also PVC, acrylic and other cabinet boards,Whether it is the so-called 'aige board' or 'Daya' or 'Dew River' belongs to the particle board category,Just brand different,They are all made of hot and glue-pressed fine wood or wood chips,Plus the skin is called the decorative panel,It is not appropriate to use thin wood panels and density plates,Because not resistant to tide,Other things to pay attention to are hardware,BLUM Haitai is famous for everything,Considering the budget,Also available

How to identify whether solid wood cabinets are original or outsourced? Now many brands do not have their own solid wood production line.They are all processed.Low profit.Libo cabinet is the first Cabinet brand in China to have its own solid wood production line,Several solid wood cabinets produced in recent years are very good.Hello,Generally speaking, factories with production lines,The physical workshop address and contact information will be available,You can check it online.If you can go directly to the factory!

What is mechanical filtration and what equipment is there? Such as sand cylinder, multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration, etc,The filter medium is hard particles,Uniform distribution of filter materials along the direction of filter flow,Therefore, the specific surface area is small, the amount of sewage interception is small, the filtration speed is slow, and the filtration accuracy is low,,The filtration rate is generally 10 m/h.Below m2,The advantage is that it is easy to reverse wash and regenerate;Elastic fiber filter material,Including fiber ball filter material and fiber bundle filter material,Fast filtration speed, high filtration accuracy,However, the amount of interception is limited,Backwashing is not possible,Not easy to regenerate,Built-in air bag for filter equipment,Difficult management,The filter speed is generally 20-50 m/h.M2,;Now the traditional process will be replaced sooner or later,Fiber filters are now more and more used by enterprises.For example: the AFF (asymmet
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