How long will it take if I want wooden cupboard for clothes sample?
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Generally use wooden core board to play wardrobe, how much is a square meter for continuous work? According to the price of the normal General cabinet, the price is about 1500.The outer wall brush first brush the primer,Latex paint (not yellow ).The door panel can be used as a whole alloy sliding door and colored glass,You're right,Be sure to use a good wood board,But I suggest you use a pure carpentry board,The price is also 100 ~ 140.That's more environmentally friendly.This depends on the internal structure of your cabinet, as well as the size of the cabinet. the depth of the cabinet is 60 centimeters. you can also calculate it yourself, 1000-

Help, there are a lot of small black and gray insects on the door of the bathroom wooden cabinet. they are very disgusting and will jump. what should I do! First of all, you can kill the bug directly with boiling water,Or use the spray of the insecticide,But the most important thing is to sort out your water pipes,Don't let it leak.Then if the wooden furniture has been used for a long time,Just brush the waterproof paint or paint on it.In addition, always wipe the cabinet,You can't blame the bug,It seems that your cabinet has not been cleaned up for a long time.If this batch is eliminated, the next batch will be born,Elimination is not a way,The solution is to eliminate the environment of insects.Buy some waterproof paint brush or plastic wrap on it!
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