How many people in tall decorative storage cabinets export department?
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Do you need to paint or sticker or do nothing on the solid wood Shanshu board used in the decoration wall cabinet? It is best to have a layer of varnish,This is better,Is it a toothed plate?Or is the substrate a shanghamia tree panel attached to the outside of the solid wood board,If it is the former,There may be a great chance of later deformation,Then it is recommended that you still paint,The base surface is polished smoothly,Brush the paint once or twice,That is beautiful,Can protect the wood,Reduce the water absorption rate,Prevent deformation,Sticker words,It's too much trouble,Will play drums,Will open the skin,The already prepared shop will be pasted again,Some connections are still not good,Not beautiful.If it is a finger board, you can't do anything without stickers or paint,Wood wax oil should be coated on the surface,There are colorless and various colors,That is, environmentally friendly and waterproof,Go to Taobao to see.If you still don't understand, you can contact me.

Which is pear and walnut strong? Which density is large? Pear trees are stronger than walnut trees.Pear wood air dry density is greater than 0.80 ~ 1.01/cm3,Walnut gas dry density in 0.61--0.Between 78g/cm3,Therefore, the density of pear trees is relatively large.1. the density of pear wood is generally 1.About 7g/cubic centimeter,Air-dry density is greater than 0.80 ~ 1.01/cm,Among the many timber,It's extremely high;2. Walnut is a medium-density solid hardwood,Air-dry density is 0.61--0.Between 78g/cm3,Medium bending resistance and pressure resistance,Poor toughness,Good hot pressing molding ability.The core material has strong anti-corruption ability,Even in an easy-to-corrode environment, it is one of the most durable wood.3. wood density is closely related to wood moisture content,It is usually divided into four types: basic density, raw material density, air dry density and absolute dry density,The basic density and air dry density are the most commonly used.Jiangxiang (academic name:
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