How many people in wood storage cabinet with drawers R&D department?
What accounting subjects are included in the wardrobe purchased for employees? Simple wardrobe,Borrow: management fee--Wooden or fixed wardrobe,Debit: Depreciation of fixed assets is recorded in management fee--The welfare fee is divided,If it is necessary for work,Such as the dressing room wardrobe in the chemical production workshop,Directly included in the relevant cost,Such as labor protection fees.If not necessary,The company is equipped to provide employees with a comfortable working environment,The simple wardrobe with a small amount needs to be directly included in the welfare fee,The valuable wardrobe with a large amount should be included in the fixed assets,The depreciation withdrawn is included in the relevant welfare fee.According to the general enterprise,If it is sent to the employee,As sales,The purchase is included in the fixed assets,When issuing, it is treated as sales.If it is purchased and placed in the company for employees to use, it should also be included in fixed assets,Then the mon

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In Shenzhen, I want to buy a bed and wardrobe. where is it cheaper? Huaqiang North can take 302 to Sasha to get off the bus and see Xiangjiang private city after getting off the bus.The price of Xiangjiang private city in Longhua Wanzhong city is quite affordable and can now be discounted.After the discount, you can also lower the price.Which district are you in Shenzhen?A little specific point. how much price range do you ask.You make it clear .!
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