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Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has been outshining the decorative cabinet industry for years. Based on sincerity-based management, Sendiaointends to be aspirant and positive to create mutual benefit. We also comply with the core value of 'customer-centered, technology-led, innovation-driven'. In order to better play synergistic effect, we keep ourselves open to partnerships with excellent enterprises in the industry and complement with each other by advantages. All these improve the corporate brand's influence and promote healthy and sustainable development. interior wood doors can be applied to different industries, fields and scenes. Sendiao's bespoke furniture is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. wall panelling is designed with steel structure and is manufactured based on high-quality steel. It not only has strong earthquake-resistant, anti-deformation, wind-resistant properties, but also has good thermal insulation and sound insulation. Unlike traditional light bulb sources, the product does not get hot, so very little energy is wasted as heat. It also does not produce ultraviolet or infrared rays which can not be seen by the human eye. With proper care, this solid wood furniture will last for generations. For more product information, please feel free to contact Sendiao.

Has made a wooden box push and pull the door frame to make the door with other materials? Stainless steel materials have the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth surface and good processing technology,Therefore, stainless steel has become the preferred material for the automatic door body of the telescopic courtyard,The main selection is square tube, rectangular tube, round tube and stainless steel plate.Retractable courtyard automatic door body materials are also commonly used carbon steel profiles,Square pipes, rectangular pipes and round pipes made of Q235 steel are mainly used.Q235 steel profile is a kind of cold-drawn opposite steel pipe,Carbon steel profiles have good plastic properties,It has high strength, good welding performance, easy molding and low price,After the surface is sprayed,Its corrosion resistance is improved,Can be made into a variety of colors,Can fully meet various use requirements.The sliding door originated in China,Passed to North Korea and Japan thr

Shenzhen wardrobe where custom cheaper, and good quality? Wardrobe price how many square,We need to consider several aspects comprehensively,1.Look at the plate.When selecting plates, we must pay attention to the selection of materials,Plate environmental protection or not,Generally, it can be judged by smelling smell,Open the cabinets that are not commonly used in the store,If there is a pungent smell,The environmental protection level is not high;The naked eye recognition cabinet is good or bad,The most important thing is to look at the edge of the plate,The edge of the machine is generally uniform and flat,And the hand-style edge will have some rough,Large furniture factories use machines to seal edges.2.Look at the structural design.When choosing a wardrobe,Structural design and door coordination are very important.Professionals remind,In the design of the combination wardrobe, special attention should be paid to the coordination of the cabinet structure and the door,The door shook while pushing,Or th
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