Is bespoke staircases tested before shipment?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. aims to take the lead in the field of wooden cupboard for clothes through continuous innovation. Call! The Brand SendiaoFurniture Created by SendiaoHas a History of Years Sendiao's wall panelling has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects. our teamalways pays attention to customers. According customers' actual needs, we could customize comprehensive and professional solutions for them.

What is Lishui solid wood? In the domestic furniture market,Solid wood furniture promoted by many businesses refers to furniture with solid wood frame,Such as table top, door panel, side plate, partition board, bottom plate, etc. may be artificial board,Consumers need special attention!Wood furniture, comprehensive wood furniture, all solid wood furniture are all called solid wood furniture.1. wooden furniture (wooden furniture): except for decorative parts and accessories in the main components,The rest are made of wood, wood-based panels and other wooden materials.2. solid wood furniture (furniture made of wood): furniture made of solid wood saw wood or solid wood plate as a base material and decorated on the surface;Or after using solid wood veneer or thin wood (wood skin) veneer on such substrate,Then the finishing treatment o

Why buy wooden doors? First, the solid wood door is the whole of the door completely processed with solid wood.Its wood grain texture is clear,With a strong sense of overall and three-dimensional,Make people look comfortable.At present, the more popular materials are Catalpa bungei,Willow,Korean pine,Beech and so on.Two, the finished solid wood door after processing has no deformation,Corrosion resistance,No splicing joints and good heat insulation and other characteristics,Because the solid wood door is made of solid wood,So its density is high,The door plate is thick and heavy,Because of this, the solid wood door has good sound absorption,Can effectively play the role of sound insulation.Third, the selection of solid wood doors are generally soft warm colors,And the main ingredient of wood is wood,Therefore, the absorption capacity of solid wood doors to ultraviolet rays is also very strong,The slight uneven surface of the wood will form a reflection on the glamour,This can effectively reduce the dama
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