real wood kitchen cabinets factories qualified for exports
As time goes by, Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has been more developed in the field of decorative cabinet. Sendiao's development concept is to innovate and break through bravely and to run the business in an environmentally friendly way. Building a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective modern industrial development pattern is our goal, which reflects that we always strive for the unity of economic and social benefits. Sendiao's bespoke furniture is widely used in many industries. We will show you the wine rack cabinet series that is most popular with customers. Compared with the traditional bespoke wood furniture, the newly designed bespoke furniture is superior for its bespoke wood furniture. It is tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government safety standards. Sendiao has strong product innovation capabilities. The provided finishes and character allow for a wide expression of design. our company's products are reliable in quality, various in type and affordable in price. Customers in need are welcome to contact us. We sincerely hope to reach friendly cooperation, common development and mutual benefit with you!

Rubber wood drawer inner board and camphor drawer inner board which furniture is expensive? Not necessarily,Because of the material (grade ),Trademark,Performance,Different designs,The price is very different,It's more appropriate to look at camphor from Home Alone!

Variety of science and technology Wood Science and Technology wood is made of ordinary wood (fast-growing materials,Using the principle of bionics,A new decorative material with superior performance for all wood is produced by various modified physical and chemical treatment of ordinary wood and fast-growing materials.Compared with natural materials,Almost no bending, no cracking, no distortion.1. atomic Wood developed by the United States,Is to mix wood and plastic,Then processed by CO 60.Due to plastic-reinforced wood,It is more beautiful than the pattern and color of natural wood,And easy to saw, nail and Polish,It can be processed with ordinary woodworking tools.2. Japanese scientific research experts on flame retardant wood have successfully developed a kind of wood that will not burn.It added inorganic salt to the fire-resistant material,And after the wood is selected, it is immersed in a solution containing BA ion and phosphate ion,To achieve the purpose of wood anti-corrosion, anti-termite.The
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