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Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.has been focusing on the Manufacturing Furniture business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. Sendiao's location enjoys traffic convenience and has complete infrastructures around. All these provide good conditions for our company's rapid development. Sendiaohas many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers. ODM services are in offer at .

What is the difference between solid wooden doors and raw wooden doors? 1. solid wood doors: There are two kinds of raw wood materials and Integrated Materials.The log materials are Chinese pine, pine, walnut, peach core, Red Wing Wood, pear wood, mahogany, etc;The Integrated Materials have solid wood tooth joint materials,Solid wood fingers,There are pine, bungewood, oak and other materials.2. log door: mainly Catalpa bungei,A little good material,Due to different prices in different places of origin,Furniture made of Catalpa bungei is medium and high grade furniture.1. solid wood doors: the production of solid wood doors is scientifically processed through drying, blanking, planing, tenoning, punching, high-speed milling, assembly, polishing, painting and other processes,The process is relatively simple.2, raw wood door: a kind of wood production,One example.During processing, a series of dehydration, drying and mechanical properties of wood should be treated,In order to ensure the stabilit

Home decoration is good with solid wood doors or ecological doors 50 I am a designer.Let me just talk to you.If the solid wood door is not tired of furniture.It is not recommended to buy.Solid wood is painted, if the corners are not processed well manufacturers.Long time will crack paint.Recommendations buy high-density composite door.It is the kind of door that does not leave marks after brushing steel.I have just finished decorating. In fact, compared with the steel door, the steel door is more practical and composite wooden door. the feel and practicality of the paint-free door are relatively low. although the money is lower, if there are many doors in your home, it can be considered that if there is less, I suggest that you use the steel door to become a solid wood inside, affordable ~ I don't know what your door is,How could it be so expensive,The solid wood door is also seven hundred yuan/,If you have money, use this,If you want to be cheaper, use solid wood composite doors,In the middle, the outer laye

Effect of micro filtration Microfiltration is also called microfiltration,It belongs to precision filtration,Fine particles and bacteria that can filter micrometer (μ m) or nano-scale (nm.Microfiltration is also called microfiltration,It belongs to precision filtration,Interception of sand and gravel, mud, clay and other particles in the solution, and Jia Di worm, hidden Huzi worm, algae and some bacteria, etc,A large amount of solvent, small molecule and a small amount of large molecular solute can pass through the membrane separation process.From the above introduction, we should be able to separate it,But depending on the material of the filter film.
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