What about the exports of wooden cupboard in recent years?
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Is it good to make a wardrobe with a wooden core board or an ecological board? From the point of view of home, it is recommended that the wooden board be used as a wardrobe.The wardrobe is a fixed furniture in the home. from the functional point of view, the wardrobe is equipped with clothes, and the Wardrobe made by wood Rui has a wooden taste, which is good for many clothes.The ecological board is a new product of modern times. Strictly speaking, it is not wood production, but a synthetic material. the advantage is tasteless.Therefore, from the point of view of home, it is recommended to use the wooden board as a wardrobe.About two years,Because the plate core material is too soft,It determines that his life will not be long.The ecological board is mainly from the core to the board to distinguish the Penghong ecological board is now the best ecological board in the market,Board heart with northeast yangmu,Strong grip is not deformed.After a period of time without Malacca, the nails were loose.The surfac

Solid wood door and bamboo door that is good Everyone knows,Bamboo doors are doors made of bamboo,Because the texture of bamboo is straight,And the color is relatively elegant,The material is also particularly tough,Has many advantages,Xiaobian does not tell one by one,However, it is indeed an ideal material for indoor doors, floors and various household components.1. the shape of bamboo doors is simple,As a whole, it has natural and simple characteristics,And because of its line design,Its rigidity and strength are generally more than solid wooden doors.2, bamboo door is also very environmentally friendly and healthy.Its production mainly adopts UF resin glue with low free formaldehyde content and non-toxic special adhesive,Compared with the traditional wood-based board production glue,This kind of glue for the production of bamboo integrated materials will be more environmentally friendly,The negative impact on human health will be much smaller.3. except for the last two points,Bamboo doo
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