What about the maximum supply of wine storage cabinet by wooden steps per month?
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What are the cheap moving companies in Guangzhou? This is also a lot,I suggest you have to consider the service,Many cheap services don't do much cleaning work. when moving, you must pay attention to protecting expensive heavy goods and furniture,Furniture mainly includes sofas, bookcases, wardrobes, beds, piano, dining tables, chairs, etc,These are all large items,It is also the most difficult to move when moving,It usually takes 2-4 people to carry,At the same time, it is also the most vulnerable and dirty.How to Avoid bumps,To avoid dirty problems, let's tell you a few tips: 1. wipe the dirty leather sofa with egg white,You can use a clean flannel to dip in some egg white to wipe,Can remove stains,And can make the leather surface as bright as the beginning.2. wipe the refrigerator shell with toothpaste.The general dirt of the refrigerator housing,Use a soft cloth to dip a little toothpaste and wipe it slowly.If the stain is more stubborn,You can squeeze some toothpaste and wipe it again and again with clot

How to repair the solid wood door touch paint? First use the oily atomic ash to repair the paint,After drying, Polish with fine sandpaper.Finally, repair with painting,I don't know what color your door is,White is best to find,If not,It is recommended to find a small board to spray the paint before painting,After waiting to dry, see if the color is suitable.When the paint is sprayed, the color is different.If you can't find the right paint,You can also adjust the paint brush,Just maybe it's not as good as painting,Can't brush too thick at a time.Just brush it a few more times.You can adjust the paint or example close to this color to have a special repair paint to buy the paint for your child.
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