What about the plant size of wood armoire closet ?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. As one of Sendiao's main products, wall panelling has wide applications. It is mainly used in the following aspects. Sendiao's wood armoire closet are manufactured in accordance with national quality standards. Besides, the products are strictly tested to ensure the high quality of the products before being launched on the market. If you need quality-reliable and price-affordable products, please contact us at any time! The hardwood stairs series is available in a wide range of types and specifications.

What kind of page specifications are generally installed in the indoor door? The most common use of the interior door is the page specification,That is, the length and width are 100px × 75px × 3mm, 46 PX × 75px × 3mm, 100px × 75px × 2.5mm (less Home Improvement ).If your home is equipped with solid wood composite doors,It is recommended that you install a three-piece page with a size of 100px × 75px × 3mm,Or,If your home is equipped with a lighter-weight die-pressing door, you can install two pages with a size of 46 PX × 75px × 3mm,If your home is equipped with overweight solid wood doors,It is best to use a three-piece specification that is a joint page of 46 PX × 75px × 3mm.BOMA hardware provides indoor doors that are generally not as thick as doors,It's good to use a general flat page.Four-inch or five-inch can be four-inch, that is, the length of the page is 100,Generally speaking, the width of the four-inch flat open page is about 75mm,With a thickness of 3mm or 3.5mm thickness.Five-inch is that the leng

What does solid wood door mean by wrong color? What you said should be solid wood door 'rub color' instead of 'wrong color '.Solid wood door rubbing color refers to a process of solid wood door surface coating,In short, it is the process of making paint.Rubbing process generally refers to rubbing (rubbing) Grace on the surface of solid wood doors,Let the wood grain deep into the paint,Then do the topcoat again.Solid wood door rubbing color is generally the old process,This process is more complicated than the ordinary coating process,But the color and texture of the solid wooden door will be higher after rubbing,Often open paint,It can better reflect the noble and elegant temperament of solid wood.Therefore, the solid wood door that has been rubbed will be more expensive than the solid wood door that has not been rubbed.As far as I know,Many of the solid wooden doors produced by Dalian solid wood Hall Furniture Co., Ltd. are made of rubbing color,I suggest you pay attention to their products.I thought it was
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