What are main products for Sendiao to export?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. is well-known for its greatest custom kitchen cabinets with competitive price. By complying with business philosophy, Sendiaoalways insists on profession, concentration and mutual benefit. With the main focus on customers, we seek development by carrying out innovation. We promise that our professional service would create a higher value for customers. Sendiao's solid wood bookcases has a wide range of applications. Various in styles, Sendiao's custom kitchen cabinets can meet the needs of different customers. wall panelling is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It has stable chemical properties. It will not discolor and get rusted and will not cause any harmful substances to the human body. Whilst other traditional lightings need to take up to 60 seconds to reach full brightness, this product is immediately at optimum brightness. The wood is milled to the high-quality standards required for home decoration. The quality-reliable and cost-effective products provide a worry-free buying experience. If you have any needs, please contact us for business talk.

Which is cheaper to do wardrobe, woodworking and customization with the same material? Custom wardrobe and woodworking cabinet are pinched again,Let's take a look at their differences!According to my statistics,Because the woodworking standards are different,It is difficult to have uniform standards.In the case of the same material,The price is almost equal.Say the difference!In terms of time,It takes four days for woodworking to make a wardrobe,Buying time buying time four days,Plus left door,It takes about nine days as soon as possible.Custom wardrobe manufacturers can be completed for seven days,Plus installation also takes about nine days.On the material,All manufacturers provide the materials you can buy,Including plates and hardware,So if the price is the same on the material,The difference is not big!The premise is how much you need to know about the price of the materials and their respective characteristics!The key is process and quality!The advantage of custom wardrobe is that hardware is almos

What are the construction risks of wooden keel Aluminum plastic plate background wall? First play the position line of the vertical pole,Then determine the anchor point of the vertical rod.Use rivets to fix the aluminum-plastic veneer on the steel skeleton one by one,The gap between the board and the board is 10 ~ 15mm,Re-injection of silicone weather-resistant sealant.It is strictly forbidden to remove packaging paper before installation of aluminum plates,Until the packaging protective film is torn open in front of completion,Construction according to the direction indicated by the aluminum-plastic board arrow.Welding method for installing skeleton,Check the elevation at any time during installation,Center Line position,At the same time, the cross-section joint weld is treated with anti-rust paint,The concealed inspection records of the fixed connector include the weld length, thickness, position buried elevation, quantity and embedded depth of the connector.
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