What fields is custom made furniture applied in?
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Lavender wallpaper, dark wood flooring, how to choose tatami? Can choose and furniture one color.Generally, more pine trees are used,It's the color of the sauna board.Just go to the physical store and ask,

How to change the color of wooden wardrobe door? First,The paint surface for the reason should be separated,You can use a separator or paint remover,The separator is about 50 yuan,Brush directly to the original paint to create a separation between the new paint and the old paint.And the use of paint remover will be around ten yuan,But to do a good job of protection,The taste is quite big,Paint removal is not a kind of paint is gone,Instead, the surface paint film is softened.Second,If the paint remover is used, the No. 0 sand cloth should be polished in about ten hours,Third,At this time, you can check whether the original wood products have holes or cracked places,You can use atomic Gray for leveling,The estimated cost is 40 yuan,But pay attention to the shrink joints of the door body and the form, do not fill the atomic ash,Fourth,
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