What is raw material for solid wood wardrobes in Sendiao ?
As a modern enterprise in this society, Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture offers the first-rate wooden wardrobe with competitive price. With a focus on customers, Sendiaoalways believes that sincerity-based management brings mutual benefit. Based on the core value, we intend to be efficient, pragmatic, excellent, innovative. Serving every customer wholeheartedly is our constant pursuit. We are committed to providing innovative products and services for customers. custom kitchen cabinets has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. The custom kitchen cabinets series is one of the main products of Sendiao. decorative cabinets for living room can be seen in this decorative cabinet which can decorative cabinets for living room. The solid wood makes this product have excellent tolerance for refinishing. Sendiao is all about comfort, service and meeting individual needs. This product is the only piece of its kind as the grain of the wood is unique. If you have needs to purchase our products in bulk, please contact us for detailed information.

Is there any wood in the cherry blossom cabinet? Cherry blossoms have wood,Formaldehyde content is relatively low,But it's not possible at all,Because wood cabinets use paint and glue.Now stainless steel can also be done very well,Not so stiff,Like benberg,Wood Grain series,It looks the same as wood,No taste at all.

Is the simple wardrobe wooden or stainless steel good? First, after the solid wood platter paint,There is no uneven surface between the glue seam and the slats,Moreover, in the long-term use process, the physical performance is relatively stable;Two, the utilization rate of wood is high,In line with the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials.So in terms of use and texture color,Solid wood panel decorative board is more suitable for the use and decoration of furniture;Third, although the solid wood platter plate glue is larger than the solid wood wide platter,However, due to the protection of double-covered thick single board,And the four sides of the thick single plate edge is actually only two sides of the four sides of the 8 glue seam,Therefore, the chemicals in the adhesive in the solid wood platter are far less volatile than the solid wood wide platter and solid wood Integrated Materials,More environmentally friendly and healthier.Fourth, because the core board is made of small wood,The
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