What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for book cabinet ?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.has been focusing on the Manufacturing Furniture business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. Sendiao's location enjoys traffic convenience and has complete infrastructures around. All these provide good conditions for our company's rapid development. Sendiaohas many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers. If customers don't have the design, we can design and produce the exact that they want in every detail.

How to open the solid wood door inside and outside? Because the door cover has the direction of the door or the door gear (that is, the direction of the shock absorption strip ),So if it's already installed,Now only removed,The positive and negative direction was re-installed (oubaolong door industry technicians reminded: If the wooden door has been installed with locks,Now when you adjust the installation,The installation position of the lock was raised in the left and right direction ).

How to select solid wood furniture and its precautions? Precautions for buying mahogany furniture-When buying mahogany furniture,First look at the material,Look at the material of the furniture,Observe wood color and texture,See if the furniture has been repaired.In the process of purchasing mahogany furniture,Looking forward to the overall structure and shape of furniture,To see if it is uniform and flat, and whether the atmosphere and furniture are placed on the ground are stable,Does it meet your aesthetic requirements.Precautions for buying mahogany furniture-In addition to all solid wood furniture in the current furniture market,Most furniture has artificial board parts.Therefore, when buying, you should smell it,If the smell of the furniture is more pungent, causing sneezing or tears, the formaldehyde release of the furniture is relatively high.Mahogany furniture is mostly valuable wood,Contains a certain fragrance of wood,For example, incense and sauerkraut,It can be distinguished by smelling th

Can rural sewage be treated with integrated sewage treatment equipment? Since reform and opening up,Especially since the Seventeenth Party Congress,China has obviously accelerated the pace of new rural construction,Vigorously develop the construction of new countryside or small towns,It is a big strategy to promote the development of rural economy or small towns.But,While developing a rural economy or a small town economy,And brought about the problem of environmental pollution,Pollution control and environmental protection,It is another major measure of sustainable development.Construction of new rural areas and small towns in China,Environmental issues involved,There are two main aspects: rural sewage pollution and rural garbage pollution.In terms of rural sewage pollution,Mainly domestic sewage pollution, livestock sewage pollution, pesticide and fertilizer pollution, and some industrial pollution and other pollution.These pollutants
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