What's wood wall molding panels working time?
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The wooden door of the villa is damaged. Can you repair it? The entrance door rarely uses glass,Unless you need it!You can choose solid wood composite door.Compared with solid wood composite door and solid wood, the price is cheap,Heat resistance will be better,If the home is warm, it is recommended to use solid wood composite.Solid Wood also has logs and paper.Compared,The logs are more expensive.For a long time,There may be cracks in solid wood.Cleaning and maintenance of solid wood composite doors: 1. do not hang over-weight items on the door fan or avoid sharp objects bumping, scratching and opening or closing the door fan,Don't force too hard,Don't hit the wooden door.2, do not open the door lock with wet hands,Or splash the corrosive solvent on the solid wood composite door and door lock.When opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle,Don't force too much.Closed pages, door locks and other hardware accessories that are often active,Tighten immediately when loosening occurs.When the door lock

Chengdu solid wood wardrobe custom which is good? Want real wood, wood-based board don't Building, the Lord is the real land.Pure, wood home, with now too expensiveIn the mall, I went to see it.The price is too scary.Our neighbor next door, residence, real work, wood quality, and shopping malls have no area, don'tPrice, residence, although less, halfHe said, called: Pine, home, with management, department.Wood material price: 9 real wood,About 160 yuan/Zhang,One 2.88 ㎡;Labor Price: 88 yuan/m2;Door Plus,Paint door about 200 yuan/m2;Hardware costs (hinge, handle, small door suction) about 50 yuan/set;If it is moving the door, the hardware (slide rail, side strip) is about 100 yuan/set;Calculate yourself according to your wardrobe drawings and requirements.
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