Where can I follow my decorative molding panels order status?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. is one of the most influential solid wood bookcases supplier in the field. Sendiaoattaches great importance to quality and credit during the business management. We follow the enterprise spirit to be optimistic and active, positive and aspirant, innovative and developing. In order to provide quality products, we continuously improve our core competitiveness and implement the development strategy of scale-business. It is our honor to bring a relaxing buying experience to customers. Sendiao's wine rack cabinet is widely used in the Manufacturing Furniture industry. Sendiao's hardwood stairs series include multiple types. The cleaning and maintenance of wine rack cabinet should be oak wine cabinet. The stable solid wood frame offers a refined and versatile look. Over the years, our company has gained a global sales network reaching many overseas markets. Once assembled, it is sealed with a protective lacquer. The products are qualified and high-quality. If you have any interest, please contact us!

Good solid wood door or round wooden door The door containing more than two kinds of materials is called composite door;Solid wood door refers to the door composed of solid wood called solid wood door;Solid wood in solid wood door is divided into solid wood tooth joint and whole solid wood splicing (also known as raw wood door );The log door is the best,Of course, the price is also the highest.

What is the general price of real wooden doors? 1.The outer layer of the steel door is made of steel plates,The inside structure is filled with environmentally friendly materials such as wooden frames and paper shells,It is the mid-range indoor door with relatively mature acceptance on the market,The market price is around 650 yuan.2.The so-called paint-free door is not what consumers think does not need paint,But the surface material of the door has no paint,It is a PVC film.Paint the door of internal structure and steel doors,Pvc has domestic and imported points,Generally domestic is relatively thin,The import is relatively thick,The price difference is around 300 yuan,Overall price 500-850 yuan.3.The materials of the reinforced door are similar to the reinforced floor,Price paint the door is a bit more expensive,The price is around 1000 yuan.4.The price of the wooden door is relatively high,If the merchant quoted the log door within 3000 yuan,Then the wood used in this kind of door is definitely
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