Where to get help if wooden steps gets problem during the use?
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First Shop the composite wood floor or paste the wallpaper first, or brush the wall first, in order It is certain to brush the wall first,Because brushing the wall will make the ground dirty,Not good cleaning.The order of pasting wallpaper and floor laying doesn't matter,Both can.However,I think the floor is better first,Because the ash on the floor is very large,The whole room was gray,The wallpaper will also be gray,Of course, there is no such thing as dusting Chicken hair.If the floor is paved to paste the wallpaper,It's best to prepare a large piece of cardboard at home,It's just the kind of packaging paper shell that comes after the material is sent,Then lay it on the ground,So the wallpaper workers will brush the glue on this cardboard,I won't dirty the floor.For process effect,The first floor is the same as the first wallpaper,It seems to be seamless.The normal situation is to brush the wall first,After the wall is dry,Paste wallpaper again,After pasting the wallpaper,Install switch panel,Finally,

What are the characteristics of wooden hanging boards and where are they? First, the classification of wood boards 1, according to the material classification can be divided into: solid wood, artificial board two categories.At present, in addition to the use of solid wood flooring and door fans,Generally, the plates we use are artificial boards that are manually processed.2, according to the molding classification can be divided into: solid board, splint, fiber board, decorative panel, Fire Board, etc.Two, the variety of wood 1, solid wood.As the name suggests,The solid wood board is a wooden board made of complete Wood.These plates are durable and natural,It is the best choice in decoration.However, due to the high cost of such plates,And the construction process requires high,It is not used much in decoration.Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the name of the board,No uniform standard specifications.2. solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring are the most common ground decoration mat
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