Who to pay the freight of wooden cabinet for clothes sample?
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Chinese restaurant decoration, do 1.2 high wall circumference (including stairs and private rooms), what good materials, in addition to wallpaper, wood flooring and tiles... 20 It can be considered as used in fast food restaurants.Fire Board.Wear-resistant, good color,There are grades.Tile with wood grain.600*900,Everything four,The effect of wood flooring.Make aluminum alloy stairs,Easy to take care of the suggestion or tile to find Ke Ju Internet cafe!They are still very professional!!You can get a tender,Just wait at home,There will be customer service to get in touch with you immediately,They will provide you with a good plan!

How to distinguish solid wooden doors? Identify solid wooden doors,1. look at the weight: Since the solid wood door uses a whole piece of wood or the same kind of wood,So the weight is heavier than the average non-solid wooden door,Before installation, consumers can weigh the weight of the door.But one thing worth noting is that,Some plates, such as particle boards, that are pressed with wood and glue,The wooden door made of this kind of plate is not light in actual weight.In addition,Due to the different size, thickness and core packing of the door fan,It is also the reason for the different weight of wooden doors.So,Specific weight is not the most reasonable basis for judgment.2. look at the lock hole: due to the need to install the lock,Therefore, the general wooden doors need to reserve lock holes,Consumers can observe whether the inside and outside wood is consistent through the lock hole,Is there any other filler.However, some smart manufacturers will use solid wood as support materials in the lock
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