Why choose solid wood bookcases produced by Sendiao ?
Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. is leading the interior wood doors market. Based on sincerity-based management, Sendiaointends to be aspirant and positive to create mutual benefit. We also comply with the core value of 'customer-centered, technology-led, innovation-driven'. In order to better play synergistic effect, we keep ourselves open to partnerships with excellent enterprises in the industry and complement with each other by advantages. All these improve the corporate brand's influence and promote healthy and sustainable development. bespoke furniture can be applied to different industries, fields and scenes. Various in styles, Sendiao's wooden wardrobe can meet the needs of different customers. Its quality is guaranteed by a team of people following the relative certificates. The hardware adds charm and authenticity to this product. The product provides a significant amount of energy reduction when used regularly. It has a long operational life, requiring fewer replacements, which helps users save power energy, reducing costs. Once assembled, it is sealed with a protective lacquer. The products have good quality and reasonable price. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry and business talk!

What are the three plates, five plates, fibreboard, particle board and density board used respectively? 20 Here is a detailed introduction,1. concept: fine wood board (commonly known as large core board and wood board) is a plywood with solid wood core,Its vertical (distinguished by the direction of the core plate) bending pressure and poor,However, the lateral bending strength is high.At present, most of the market is solid, glue, double-sided sanding, and five-storey fine wood panels,Size specification is 1220 × 2440.2, characteristics: fine wood plate grip screw force is good,High strength,With strong quality, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics,And the moisture content is not high,10%-Between 13%,Simple processing,Most widely used.The fine wood board is more stable than the solid wood board,But afraid of moisture,Construction should be pay attention to avoid used in kitchen.The processing technology of the fine wood board

Removal of smell in wooden wardrobe 1 bamboo charcoal,Is mountains old Phyllostachys pubescens as the raw materials,It is carbonized by dry distillation at high temperature in an oxygen-free state,Its main functions are: Removing odor, purifying air, optimizing water quality,Bamboo charcoal has a strong adsorption effect,Put a few pieces of bamboo charcoal in the new wardrobe,Can effectively eliminate the odor in the new wardrobe.2 Use fruit to remove odor,The effect is good,Low cost,The method is simple.Especially tropical fruits,Because its growing environment is sunny,Good rain,The fruit contains many fragrant elements,And can be distributed for a long time,So fruits like bananas, pineapple, apples and so on are actually 'air cleaners '.Put the fruit in the wardrobe,Open all the wardrobes,The room also opens for ventilation,After a long time,It can remove the pungent smell of the new wardrobe on the Avenue.3 Place plants in addition to opening the wardrobe,Open the doors and windows of the room,Plant
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