Why should I turn to Sendiao Furniture?
After years of progress, Foshan Sendiao Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.Furniture has been an expert in manufacturing interior wood doors. With a focus on customers, Sendiaoalways believes that sincerity-based management brings mutual benefit. Based on the core value, we intend to be efficient, pragmatic, excellent, innovative. Serving every customer wholeheartedly is our constant pursuit. We are committed to providing innovative products and services for customers. solid wood bookcases has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. The wine rack cabinet series is one of the main products of Sendiao. bespoke furniture is among the most bespoke wood furniture available today. It’s an environmentally friendly option as the solid wood is biodegradable. Sendiao has established a sound quality control system to make sure the quality of the product. The finish used preserves the wood’s natural brilliance for this product. If you have needs to purchase our products in bulk, please contact us for detailed information.

What is the price of indoor solid wood doors? At present, according to the market survey, the price of topcoat solid wood doors is more than 3000 oceans,The price of solid wood with different topcoat styles and accessories is also different,The price generally fluctuates around 3000.According to the market survey, it can be found that the painted solid wood door and the paint-free solid wood door are two popular models,But they have a big difference in price,The price of painted solid wood doors is only around 1500 oceans,It can be said that it can meet the needs of many consumers.Solid wood composite door is filled with other materials inside,A solid wooden door made of solid wood on the surface,Because the price on the material is about 1500-About 3000 oceans.It can be said that it is cheap enough,Expensive enough,The better price ranges from 3000 to 7000,The price of all solid wood is 1 W.First of all, the price of solid wood doors is directly related to the material,Good materials are generally m

Wood floor with wallpaper or latex paint The wooden floor itself is a warm and soft material,Better with wallpaper,The paint is slightly harder.
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